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A Rich Tradition of Impacting Student Lives in the Sacramento Area

Junior Achievement of Sacramento was established in 1961. In the past 56 years, we have provided in-classroom, after-school and "in-a-day" curriculum and workshops to over 350,000 elementary, middle and high school students. Focused on financial literacy, entrepreneurship and workforce readiness, these programs assist individuals in becoming productive members of society. We also provide “job shadowing” opportunities for high school students. 

Our Partnerships
We have active partnerships with numerous businesses and community organizations including the Rotary Club of Sacramento, the Cristo Rey High School Work Study Program, the Boys and Girls Club of Sacramento and numerous other community foundations, Chambers, Rotary, Active 20/30 and other service clubs in the Region. 

JA Works
As documented by numerous studies, students, teachers and volunteers all benefit from their JA experience. JA students have greater business acumen, are better prepared for work, demonstrate the entrepreneurial spirit through innovation and initiative, and have a solid grasp of the “life skills” necessary for success. They also possess enhanced skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making. Also, this positive impact is “paid forward” throughout their lifetimes. Based on a 10-year longitudinal study of former JA students, they are more likely to complete high school, be employed and enroll in college than other same-age students. They also have a heightened sense of community commitment. Many former JA students have gone on to become business leaders in our community and many are active volunteers in JA classrooms today!

Studies also show that teachers who have worked with JA programs are re-energized and find themselves “re-cued” on economic fundamentals, often incorporating them into subsequent lesson plans. 

Employees indicate that volunteering with JA sharpened their organizational and presentation skills, improved their attitudes toward their employer and gave them great personal satisfaction.