Junior Achievement programs equip young people with the skills, confidence and motivation they need so they can contribute positively to the economic health of our region in the future.

Programs consist of 5-12 sessions per class, using curriculum developed by leading educators and taught by volunteers from the business community. Volunteers are trained on this curriculum, and work directly with teachers to augment the subject matter with real life examples and experiences. Each program includes numerous hands-on activities so students can “learn by doing.” This creates an engaging, relevant context for students “bringing the curriculum to life,” thereby ensuring maximum assimilation and retention of content. 

Each lesson is designed to empower students to feel and be in control of their destinies. On any given day, JA students might be learning the ins and outs of cash-vs-credit “the Savvy Shopper,” exploring the ramifications of identity theft “the Case of the Missing Identity,” trying on different jobs with different salaries “the Occupation Game,” wrestling with needs-vs-wants in establishing a monthly budget “the Balance, Break-even or Broke game,” translating dreams into action plans “the Choose Your Success exercise,” or practicing how to showcase their strengths to a potential employer “Mock Interviews.” 

We offer programs for students in elementary school, middle school, high school, as well as non-traditional settings like after-school clubs and homeless shelters.
Each program includes a complete set of instructional materials
In 2010, JA served 8,961 students in the Greater Sacramento Area.

In 2017, JA Sacramento has served more than 12,700 students in the Greater Sacramento Area!