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High Schools

High School Programs — 
number of sessions vary per program/45-50 minutes per session
JA High School Programs encompass the operation of a real business to learning micro-economics to make economic concepts relevant, fuel the entrepreneurial spirit and challenge students to excel.

JA Career Success develops students' interpersonal skills effectiveness. Through a self assessment, students identify strengths and unique potentials of their interpersonal skills. They examine how their interpersonal skills can be applied in the workplace, and practice their skills via mock job interviews. They begin work on a skills portfolio to reference when seeking employment. 7 sessions.

JA Personal Finance Program® introduces students to the importance of planning for their financial future. Program demonstrates importance of planning, goal-setting and thoughtful decision-making within the context of personal financial decisions. 5 sessions.

JA Be Entrepreneurial® challenges students to start creating a functional business plan while still in high school. Students will be able to recognize characteristics and practices of successful entrepreneurs. Evaluate and entrepreneurial idea based on product customer, and competitive-advantage criteria. Demonstrate business-planning's skills for venture start-up, marketing, financing, management, and ethical decision making. 7 sessions.

JA Company Program®
 helps young people appreciate and better understand the role of business in our society. With the support and guidance of volunteer consultants from the local business community, the JA Company Program provides basic economic education for high school students. By organizing and operating an actual business enterprise, students learn how businesses function, the structure of the U.S. free enterprise system and the benefits it provides. 12 sessions.