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Volunteer Tools

Forms you will need to complete at the beginning and the end of your class:


Supplemental Information you will need as you prepare:

Logistics Information:

Student information:


Helpful hints by grade/class:


Volunteer Forms:


Teacher Forms:


JA Development Forms:


Online Modules - Self Paced Video based learning.  (Go to modules)

Allow approximately 50 minutes for all eight modules, or review specific topics as needed:
  • Logistics: JA-in-a-Day (4 minutes) OR Traditional Delivery (3 1/4 minutes)
  • Classroom Management: Elementary (12 minutes) OR Middle & High (10 minutes)
  • Working with Diverse Learners (10 minutes)
  • Leading a Session: Introduction (13 minutes), Activity (10 3/4 minutes) Summary (6 minutes)
  • JA BizTown (not applicable to our market)  
JA Class Kit - the lifeline of your teaching experience!
You will receive a kit specific to the class you are teaching which includes:
  • Guide for Volunteers and Teachers
  • Student workbooks
  • Technology resources and templates
  • Lesson materials for each week
  • Certificates of Achievement for students