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Get Me Started!

Welcome!  We’re so glad you decided to join Junior Achievement of Sacramento as a volunteer!  Orientation is an important part of your experience, so that you know more about the JA organization and its mission, and about the structure of the programs you will be delivering. 


We recognize that you are busy and that time is precious, so we’ve grouped your orientation into several components. When you’re ready, just follow the links below to get started.


Required Forms

If you haven’t already submitted these, simply print, review and complete the following forms; then scan and email them to programs@jasac.org or fax them to the JA Sacramento office at 916-480-2773.


JA Sacramento Orientation

  • Self-paced, allow 20-30 minutes; Review online presentation  (attach PDF)


Additional Information for JA Sacramento

  • Allow 30 minutes for a JA Facilitated conference call or company meeting to cover important items you need to know about your orientation, your experience, JA programs and the adventure you are about to embark on.  This meeting will be scheduled through your company coordinator or your program manager at JA Sacramento.


Class Preparation - Self Paced

  • Allow 1-2 hours several days in advance of your first class
  • Review printed materials in your class kit
  • Online Modules - Self Paced Video based learning.  (Go to modules)

    Allow approximately 50 minutes for all eight modules, or review specific topics as needed:
    • Logistics: JA-in-a-Day (4 minutes) OR Traditional Delivery (3 1/4 minutes)
    • Classroom Management: Elementary (12 minutes) OR Middle & High (10 minutes)
    • Working with Diverse Learners (10 minutes)
    • Leading a Session: Introduction (13 minutes), Activity (10 3/4 minutes) Summary (6 minutes)
    • JA BizTown (not applicable to our market)  


  • Now you’re ready to roll!  Good luck in your class and know that we are here for you.  If you need anything along the way, call us at 916-480-2770 ext 13 or email us at programs@jasac.org