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What Can I Do?

So you know you want to volunteer with JA Sacramento but you aren’t sure exactly which opportunities appeal to you most?  There are numerous ways that your energy and expertise can help us!


Teach a JA Program in the Classroom

Using JA prepared curriculum and instructional classroom kits, you will apply your experience and knowledge to illustrate concepts so they are relevant and meaningful to the students.  We will help match you to the right teaching opportunity based on your grade preferences, your available time commitment, and your geographical preferences.



    This teaching opportunity schedules all of the JA lessons for a single school day.
  • A school commits a full day for all of their students to participate in JA with no class changes to labs, library, arts, music, etc. You will have the same group of students for the entire day.
  • The day runs approximately 8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. This includes morning refreshments and briefing session; 4-5 hours of classroom instruction with the students; and lunch.
  • You would present 5-6 required lessons during the day.
  • Teachers are required to remain in the classroom and in charge of their students during your visit and will work with you to ensure the program’s success.
  • A JA-in-a-Day coordinator will be available should you have questions or need assistance.

Weekly Classroom Format
This teaching opportunity allows you to spend a bit of time with your class each week for 5-8 weeks.
  • Specific number of facilitated lessons for 30-60 minutes each over a period of weeks. 
  • You coordinate with your classroom teacher to arrange the date and time of each visit based on your respective schedules.  Schedules in the elementary school level are typically more flexible than in the middle and high schools.
  • Each visit lasts approximately one hour which includes presenting the lesson, moderating class discussion and confirming plans for your next visit with the teacher.
  • Teachers are required to remain in the classroom and in charge of their students during your visit and will work with you to ensure the program's success.


Time Commitment (Estimated)
           Program Level:    Preparation:                   Classroom Visits:

              JA-in-a-Day:                    3 - 5 hours prior to the JA Day       One full school day during the work week 

              Grades K-8                                                                         (ex: 8:30 am to 2:30 pm + travel time)


              Weekly Format:               30 - 45 min. prior to each visit       One observation, five 30-60 minute lessons    

              Elementary School         


              Weekly Format:                1 hour prior to each visit               One observation, six to eight 45-60 minute lessons

              Middle School


              Weekly Format:                1 hour prior to each visit               One observation, six to eight 45-60 minute lessons

              High School        


              Company Program:           1-3 hours prior to each lesson       Twelve 2-2 ½ hour lessons during a school semester

              After school High School              



We’ve got you covered – Materials and Support
When you volunteer with JA Sacramento, we're here to guide you along the way.  You will receive a JA kit, which includes a step-by-step volunteer guide, lesson plans and all of the necessary classroom materials.  The JA curriculum allows for creativity so you can add your own personal touch with real-world examples.
You will always be supported by the in-class teacher, who is in charge of classroom management. You may also choose to co-teach with a friend or colleague.
Volunteer for Special Events

We sometimes need volunteers to become committee members, help with the planning and development of a fundraising event and jump in where needed on the “day of” to assist Junior Achievement staff with the execution of the fundraising event.


Recruit and Coordinate other Volunteers at Your Company

We can’t do it alone – we need a small army of volunteers to meet the needs of our community.  Some companies promote volunteering as a team building activity, or perhaps you are looking for a way to get your company more involved in the community.  You can be of huge value by helping to coordinate and recruit volunteers within your company as a Company Volunteer Coordinator. Contact us to learn more!