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Why Volunteer?

Volunteers embody the heart of Junior Achievement.  They bring a message of opportunity and economic understanding to classrooms.  No matter what your profession, YOU can carry that message to children and change their lives forever.


When you volunteer for JA Sacramento:

  • You serve as a role model to help young people better understand economic concepts in order to become successful in the workplace and in life.
  • You get a chance to affect the lives of students, while giving back to your community.  
  • You get to experience a change of pace from your normal routine while spending time with your colleagues and gaining a sense of accomplishment.

Junior Achievement provides the training, curriculum, and students ready to gain skills and knowledge from you.  All we need is your enthusiasm, life experience, and a willingness to teach students how to become successful citizens, consumers, and workers in a free market economy.  Whether you are a businessperson, retiree, student or an at-home parent, you have the life experience needed to inspire our youth to succeed.   


JA volunteers come from all walks of life, but they all have a common vision: sharing a message of hope and opportunity with each and every young person they reach.
"JA is important to me because I want to ensure my children receive the financial education that I dearly wish I had as a youth." - Todd Watson, AT&T/JA Board Secretary