Teachers give volunteers the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students who will benefit from their experience, enthusiasm and commitment. JA of Sacramento has a legion of more than 400 volunteers who bring the wisdom of the business community into the classroom. And teachers are happy to learn JA programs can make a positive impact on students' test scores.

Junior Achievement of Sacramento provides complete training and easy-to-use educator-approved program materials.


How Does It Work?

A JA classroom volunteer's time commitment typically involves facilitating 5-8 lessons depending upon the grade level. At the elementary school grade level, the school can have a volunteer deliver all program activities in one day, called “JA Done in A Day.” In other cases, a volunteer conducts one lesson per week over the course of several weeks — 5 weeks for grades K-5 and 6 weeks for 6th grade. Each lesson ranges between 30-45 minutes, depending on the students' grade level. Junior and high school volunteers will present programs that typically require 7-8 visits in the classroom, with each visit averaging 45-50 minutes. The volunteer and partnering teacher determine the dates and times of the JA program visits. Each volunteer will receive a complete kit containing instructor guides and student materials needed to conduct the sessions. In addition, every new JA volunteer will receive a half-hour orientation by the JA staff to help prepare the volunteer before going into the classroom. 
Contact our program manager at or (916) 480-2770 ext. 13 to learn about volunteer opportunities or to sign up for new volunteer orientation.